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Dorra Review By Titien

A Real Experience from a Dorra’s customer

My name is Titien Nurjeicyla and I used to have a fat tummy, hips, and thighs.

How it started
My weight gain started when I was 4 months pregnant. The doctors told me that I have a rare illness, which was the biggest cause of my weight gain. They said that I will continue growing heavier as long as I am pregnant due to that illness. At one point my weight increased by 7kgs in one week! Can you imagine how I felt? I thought I will lose the weight once I gave birth, but no, it didn’t happen.

Emotional wreck
I became really insecure ever since I put on weight. I went from a fit ‘S’ size to a fat ‘L’! I was grumpy and sad all the time, my emotions went crazy. I was really negative and I quarrelled with my hubby a lot because I was upset all the time. I also become really self-conscious. I felt that people are always staring at me when I’m out. I no longer want to leave home

Here come the boring clothes
My weight gain changed my life for the worst. I had to give up on fashionable or even colourful clothes. I don’t have the confidence to wear fitting clothes because everything looks ugly. Black became my best friend, because it was the best colour to cover up my fat body. It’s boring to always wear the same colour, but it was the easiest choice.

I knew I had to lose the weight because it brought so much negativity to my life. I saw the ugly face of humanity when a shop keeper teased me about my fat body. This extra weight even put my relationship with my husband at risk. I have to stop this, so I started taking action.

Attempts at weight loss
I tried taking Herbal Tea and Detox Slim, dieting, and even just taking fruit juice in place of solid food, but I was very sad because none of them work. I also tried exercising but I got tired very fast since I needed a lot of energy to move around. All the methods I tried were not showing good results… until I found dorra Slimming. I heard their ad on radio, and they had a 5cm guarantee for tummy, hips, and thighs. Since I’ve tried so many methods, I thought: why not give this a chance too?

Byebye fatty
My waistline shrank 7 inches with less than 10 treatments with Dorra Slimming. My consultant, June was really nice and helpful. After attending less than 15 sessions, I went from L size to XS. The effectiveness is unbelievable, but definitely possible. My lower body is fit and beautiful again!

Success is sweet
I’m now slimmer than pre-pregnancy! It’s crazy how my weight went from 62kg to 41kg! I’m super happy because I have regained my confidence, and I am healthier too! dorra didn’t only help me lose weight; they also helped detoxify my body! I have regained a healthy glow to my skin. I can’t imagine that I can now jog up to 4km non-stop, thanks to the effective weight lost treatments there. I no longer feel tired after a few minutes of exercise. Seriously, thank you dorra! I couldn’t have done it without you! If I ever regain weight, there’s no doubt that Dorra Slimming will be my first choice!


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Keat Ng • November 23, 2014

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