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JME Online Fashion is an Online Boutique Malaysia, registered under JME Online Boutique (Reg. no: IP0385413-H) established since early 2013.

JME Online Fashion specializes in niche fashion market, namely Office ladies wear, Office Casual wear and Office Trendy clothes, which are essential for ladies who work in office environemnt. Jemmy fashion will allow ladies to discover more in office ladies wear, that could provide better apparel in the office and stand out individual with professionally.

Besides, you are able to find everything you need for your wardrobe right here – from casual wear to career wear, denim jacket and apparel for special occasions. A wide variety of hot and trendy styles, JME Online Fashion not only caters to everyone irrespective of age and taste, it also allows you to mix and match effortlessly within one counter. At JME Online Fashion , ladies can save time shopping for their own and also for their love ones clothing.

We are a group of fashion maniacs! We love to shop for the hottest and stylist items out there with minimum budget for ourselves and our love ones. We feel that it is quite difficult to get fashionable and fair priced in most office ladies clothes; thus this is the bigger reason why we source globally to bring in lowest possible cost items to benefit our customers. If you like to shop without burning a hole in your pocket, then you are at the right place. You are welcome to join us, as a JME Online Fashion customer, everyone deserves to be in style everyday without spending a dime!


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Keat Ng • November 14, 2014

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